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Domaine Bertholet - vineyards and cheese fondue


Walk in the Villeneuve vineyards and cheese fondue on the way

This walk is not escorted but is organised by Domaine Bertholet, a family that has been growing vine and making wines for s 4 generations.

The walk starts at the Domaine Bertholet wince cellar, in the middle of the village of Villeneuve. After a visit to the cellar (about 30 min.), the winemaker will give you a map for the walk, the key to the cabin in the vineyard and all the ingredients to make a cheese fondue (recipe, cheese, bread, garlic, pepper, wine and kirsch).

A steady ascent will lead you through the sloping vineyards of Villeneuve. After an hour walk, you will arriv a the terrace in the middle of the vineyard where you can make your own cheese fondue, which you will eat with a glass of "Chasselas" white wine from the Domaine.

From there you will enjoy a magnificent view on the lake beyond the vineyards while you eat and drink a tasty chasselas wine.
When you feel like it, you can reach the starting point after a 15-minute walk.

*You can also reach the cabin by car if you prefer not to walk at all

Price for children up to 15 years : Fr. 23.00 (grape juice instead of wine)



Languages spoken

French, German, English



Meeting point : at the wine cellar --> Grand-Rue 36, 1844 Villeneuve

Public transportation : Villeneuve station, 2min. walk

Car :  public parking lot nearby

Map hereunder to see the itinerary


Getting there

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