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Etivaz House - Visit + tasting


Welcome to Maison de l'Etivaz!

L'Etivaz AOP is a hard mountain pastures cheese which is produced between May 10 mai and October 10 out of raw milk from 2800 cows grazing on some 130 alpine pastures between 1’000 et 2’000m high. This milk is exclusively warmed in copper cauldrons on wood fires. Mountain cheese by excellence, L'Etivaz AOP meets strict and demanding specifications.

The raw milk used comes from cows grazing on extremely rich grasslands. The flowers in the grasslands give L'Etivaz AOP its typical flavour and taste. Over 60 producers bring the milk from their pastures to Maison de l’Etivaz for cheese production and storage.


1. Classic bundle : slideshow, cheese cellar visit, tasting of 5 cheeses with bread and wine

Price : Fr. 12.00 

* children : free up to 5 years and from 6 to 15 years --> Fr. 6.00

2. Gourmet bundle : classic bundle + supplement (for ex : cold cuts, sausage, ham)

Price : Fr. 18.00 

* children : free up to 5 years and from 6 to 15 years --> Fr. 8.00


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