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Pays d'Enhaut Museum - 1 day pass


Welcome to the Vieux Pays d'Enhaut Museum in Château d'Oex!

You will recapture the atmosphere of olden times homes when you go through kitchens and sleeping rooms that look like they are still lived in. This museum is the memory of a region that remained isolated in the mountains for a long time. The inhabitants created an exceptionally rich craft, the beautiful chalets held the treasures of a way of life.

Among these richesses, you can admire stained glass windows, posters, a blacksmith workshop, a mountain cheese maker and the room dedicated to the beginnings of tourism. Everyday artefacts are everywhere : crockery, tools, cow bells, pottery, toys, straw craft or lace.  Naive art is found near works by artists like Abram-David Pilet and bailiff Nicolas Gachet, who near the end of the 18th century showcast their valley with beautiful watercolour paintings.

Early enough, two local artists chose paper and scissors to express their talent and their sensitivity. This museum is here to explain the particularities of this delicate craft, that has become typical of this prealpine region in Canton de Vaud.

For children, a free interactive and fun game is available to help with the museum discovery.


Special prices

Children up to 6 years : Free 

Children from 7 to 16 years : Fr. 4.00 (Fr. 7.00 with audioguide)


Languages spoken

French, German, English


Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday :  14h-17h

November : closed



Meetiong point: Museum welcome desk --> Grand'Rue 107, 1660 Château d'Oex

Public transportation : Château d'Oex station, 3min. walk

Car:  public car park nearby

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