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Vol en mongolfière


As long as the weather is good hot air balloons take off from Château-d’Oex all year round. Majestic views will begin to unfold before you after just a few minutes: enjoy a 360 degree view of the valley and the surrounding peaks.

Suspended in the air up to an altitude between 2500 and 3500 metres in absolute tranquillity, you can admire a panorama of the Alps: from Mont-Blanc to the Eiger, from the Grand-Combin to the Matterhorn and the Jura, not forgetting the regions of Lake Geneva and Fribourg.

At the end of the adventure you will receive a flight certificate and share a drink of friendship, after the balloon has landed and been packed away. The flight lasts on average between one hour and one and a half hours, the total duration of the activity will be three to four hours.

Evening flights are available throughout the summer in the Gruyere / Fribourg region, over-flying the Swiss plateau. Group flights in one or more balloons can also be organised on request. If the flight dates below do not work for you, please contact us on +41 (0) 26 924 22 20 and we will try to satisfy your request.

  • The flight is only made if the weather is good, we will contact you the day before the flight to let you know the exact time of the meeting and confirm / cancel the flight.
  • Departure times according to the season: December, January and February: 8.30-9 am / March and April: 8 am / May: 7 am / June and July: 6.30 am / August: 6.30-7 am / September, October and November: 7.30-8 am
  • Children must be at least 1m25 tall (about 8 years old in order to be able to look over the basket) and be accompanied.
  • Pregnant women cannot board.
  • From the age of 80 years old or in case of health problems, please consult your doctor because the balloon can go up to 3500 m of altitude.
  • Sporty clothing and seasonal clothing are recommended. We advise you to wear waterproof shoes and to bring a headgear.
  • Reservations may be cancelled by notifying Ballon Château-d'Oex at least forty eight (48) hours, two (2) days prior to the scheduled flight date. No cancellation can be made by the passenger after this period.

The place and time of the appointment is communicated to you by the organizer the day before the flight date.

Prices for the mountain flight from Château-d'Oex in the morning:
Child (-16 years): CHF 210.00
1 adult : CHF 390.00
2 adults : CHF 760.00
3 adults : CHF 1110.00
4 adults : CHF 1440.00
Privilege flight 1 to 3 passengers CHF 1600.00

Prices for the Swiss plateau flight, Fribourg region, in the evening (by reservation only):
Adults : CHF 340.00
Children : CHF 210.00

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