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Visite à la ferme


The Turrian family welcomes you to their farm, inviting you to be present at the hours they milk the cows. Enjoy discovering life on the farm and the family’s work with the cows.

You will watch the cows being milked and your children will discover the pleasure of tasting fresh milk. They will also be able to approach the animals and pet them and ask any question they may have. Our farming family will be happy to introduce your children to life on the farm and their passion at work. To you, this is one out of many moments in farming life, one to discover, enjoy and to share with family and friends. On site you can also buy cheese produced at the farm, as a part of the produce resulting from fresh milk.

This activity is offered by Pays-d'Enhaut Region, Economy and Tourism

Registration required the day before until 4pm in Pays-d'Enhaut Région.

Time and place of meeting:

At 5:30 pm at the Turrian family farm
Chemin des Recards 11
1659 Rougemont

46°29'16.3 "N 7°13'11.5 "E

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